19 Mar 2012

First taste of Fonterra Milk for Schools in Northland

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A daily dose of dairy nutrition is now on the timetable for more than 10,000 Northland primary school students, as the Fonterra Milk for Schools pilot programme launches.

Registrations for the first round of the Fonterra Milk for Schools Northland pilot closed on February 29, with a total of 112 out of 133 schools signed up and ready for their first delivery of milk.

“We’ve been absolutely overwhelmed by the support shown by the Northland community,” Theo Spierings, Fonterra CEO says.

"It’s great to know that we’ll be providing a dose of dairy nutrition to more than 10,000 Kiwi kids every school day.”

The New Zealand dietary guidelines recommend that school children consume at least two to three servings of milk every day.

“Dairy is fundamental for good nutrition, especially in growing bodies. We want to do what we can to ensure New Zealand children grow up drinking milk, because it’s good for them.

Kaiwaka School was one of the first to get on board with the programme, and their Principal, Barbara Bronlund, says the kids couldn’t wait to get stuck into the first delivery of milk packs

“I’m thrilled that our school will be able to work alongside Fonterra to make sure our students get the benefit of milk in the school week. We have a healthy food policy at Kaiwaka School and discourage any drinks other than water. Milk will provide a fantastic alternative that will be good for the kids,” says Ms Bronlund.

Fonterra Milk for Schools is one part of the co-operative’s plan to make milk more affordable and accessible to all New Zealanders, says CEO Theo Spierings.

“After a busy summer working on all the details and making many visits to Northland, our team is delighted to encourage primary schools to get on board and help us make a real difference to the health of future generations of Kiwis. We’re very proud of this programme and it seems the people of Northland are just as excited as us. Milk is one of the most nutritious foods there is and we want to do what we can to make sure Kiwi kids grow up drinking it every day,” says Mr Spierings.

Fonterra farmers Simon and Kim Donelley and Roger and Cushla Milina are among the many parents sending their children to school to receive their first taste of school milk – a programme that will make a significant difference to the health of Kiwi kids, says Simon Donelley.

“As a Fonterra shareholder I’m proud to be part of Fonterra Milk for Schools and I’m looking forward to hearing how my kids like the programme.

“There’s nothing better than milk when it comes to truly nutritious foods and it’s great to know that Northland kids will have access to it every school day,” says Mr Donelley.

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