24 Jun 2014

Fonterra Milk for Schools Gate Signs

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Gate Sign Competition Winners!

We had over 130 schools send us amazing photos with their new gate signs in place. The creativity that came through was fantastic!

The winning school was Rhode Street School in Hamilton. They built a solar powered robot to hold up their sign by the entrance. The picture shows Amelia and Jarrod who helped make the giant Fonterra Milk for Schools milk pack and straw.

They scaled up an original packets to 1000 larger (great maths) and blew up the image and text by using a grid pattern and then hand-painted it onto the corflute carton they made (great art). The robot is made out of old computers by four students and was painted in Fonterra colours to hold their Fonterra Milk in Schools sign by the caretaker Mr Kerr.

They named him Fonzie because it has the beginning of Fonterra in his name, Fonzie the Milkbot is the latest member of our whanau here at Rhode Street School. Fonzie’s eyes and teeth are LED’s and glow in the dark (solar powered), his heart also glows at night (garden light) and illuminates the Fonterra sign so people can see it all the time.

Rhode Street Schools 1st Place3

We had such incredible entries that we decided to give a few other prizes out.

Second place: Hawera Primary School in Hawera

Third place: Wainuioru School in Masterton

Highly Commended: Gate Pa School in Tauranga; Tawhero School in Whanganui; and Woodstock School in Hamilton

Gate Sign Hawera Primary 2nd Place

Second Place

Hawera Primary School in Taranaki

Gate Sign Wainuioru 3rd Place

3rd Place

Wainuioru School in Masterton

Gate Sign Woodstock School HC small

Highly Commended

Woodstock School in Hamilton

Tawhero School HC

Highly Commended

Tawhero School in Whanganui

Gate Sign Gate Pa School HC

Highly Commended

Gate Pa School in Tauranga

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