13 Feb 2015

Fonterra Milk for Schools National Recycling Award 2014

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Top award for Otewa School

At the end of the school year in 2014, nominated schools were invited to take part in the National Fonterra Milk for Schools 2014 Recycling Design Challenge to design a product made from recycled milk packs that can be used in New Zealand.

Each term, the Fonterra Milk for Schools team asks the Anchor Milkmen to nominate schools in their region that are the best at recycling.

Recycling is an important part of the programme with children folding empty packs in a special way before they’re sent to Thailand and Malaysia to be made into roof tiles and books. 

Out of a total of nearly 1,500 schools in the programme, Otewa School, with their roll of 48, were the clear winner with a design of an amazing  water purification tank, created  by Jack Smith, aged 11. The innovative design really showed he was “thinking outside the box”.

Otewa School Award Presentation

We had some other great entries that deserve special mention as well:
Silver Winner:
Snells Beach Primary School who designed a UV proctecting dome using the same material is the roof tiles.

Bronze Winner:
Wesley School who suggested we make buttons and sent in a great diagram to demonstrate how to do it.

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