5 Apr 2018

Richie makes a flying visit to Fairfield School, Dunedin

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A huge crowd of over 550 kids, staff, parents and invited members of the wider community gathered on the sports field to welcome Richie as he touched down at Fairfield School in Dunedin! 

Richie and local Fonterra farmers, Evan and Katrina Hurst stepped out of the helicopter and were greeted by a loud chant of “Richie, Richie, Richie”! Principal, Greg Lees, and senior students Hannah Jones and Izak Wilson were the first to shake Richie’s hand and officially welcome him to the school.  Making his way along the viewing areas, lots of very excited kids managed to grab a high-5 with the national hero.

On entering the hall, a fantastic haka performance by two senior students set the scene before Richie handed over the special milk delivery. Richie then shared some of his experiences of what it means to be a leader and highlighted the importance of the Fairfield School values – Responsibility, Respect and Resilience. The school then treated Richie to a tune, proudly singing their school song.

RMR Fairfield Blog Post

With the formalities wrapped up it was time to make the most of a stunning day. Everyone headed out into the sunshine and the kids eagerly invited Richie to join them for some fun games and activities. After working up a sweat in the tug-of-war, move-the-cows relay and gumboot toss, the morning tea station was a welcome sight with Fonterra Farmers handing out chilled milk and goodie bags to refuel.

The action-packed morning came to an end with Richie handing over a signed rugby ball, which was promptly handed back to him to boot across the field, on the Principal’s request.

The fourth stop on Richie’s Milk Run was another huge success! Next week will see Richie land at our fifth and final school - Brightwater School, Tasman - who took out the top spot, as voted by the public, of the five shortlisted finalists. 

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