28 May 2013

Richie McCaw helps launch Milk for Schools in Canterbury

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As Fonterra’s Brand Ambassador, Richie McCaw has lent Fonterra a hand by delivering chilled milk packs to Burnside Primary School, where more than 200 Year 1 – 6 primary-aged school children will receive a daily dose of dairy goodness from today.

Hometown hero Richie McCaw knows the milk being delivered to Christchurch’s Burnside Primary School children as part of Fonterra Milk for Schools will be top-notch. That’s because the rugby legend understands the value of dairy nutrition as part of a balanced diet.

Throughout my career, my nutritionists have made sure that dairy is a big part of my diet. The message I’ve always got from them is that when it comes to keeping my body in top shape, a few daily serves of dairy should always be on the menu.

Richie says it is great to know that kids from his hometown will directly benefit from having milk every school day with the help of Fonterra farmers, the commitment of local schools and the support of the Christchurch community. In Canterbury alone, more than 130 schools have now signed up for the programme.

Managing Director Co-operative Affairs, Todd Muller, says the Co-operative is proud to be rolling out the programme in Christchurch, following its launch in Invercargill earlier this month.

“Fonterra Milk for Schools is all about caring for New Zealand’s children by sharing what we do best, which is great dairy and great nutrition. And of course, great dairy all starts on-farm with our farmers, who get up each morning to supply the milk that makes this programme possible.”

Burnside Primary School Principal, Matt Bateman, says it was great to see so many children enthusiastic about dairy.

“It has been fantastic to celebrate the first day of drinking in Christchurch with Fonterra and our community. Not only have they delivered a great programme, but they’ve brought along a pretty special delivery man too. I’m pleased to say both have put some bright smiles on our children’s faces today.”

The national rollout of Fonterra Milk for Schools began in Southland and Otago earlier this month, following the Co-operative’s successful pilot in Northland.

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14 May 2013

Fonterra Milk for Schools rolls into Southland and Otago Southland Programme Rollout Press Releases Otago

Southland Programme Rollout Press Releases Otago

A small convoy of milk tankers, tractors and buses trundling through the main street of Invercargill heralded the start of the Fonterra Milk for Schools Southland and Otago rollout today.

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