1 May 2013

The Fonterra Milk for Schools programme kicks off

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Fonterra Milk for Schools launches today, marking the beginning of a nationwide rollout that will bring nutritious milk to Kiwi school kids daily.

There was an air of celebration in Invercargill this morning, as a convoy of tankers and tractors paraded through the streets towards an official launch event hosted by Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt.

Local schools have been receiving the free 180ml cartons since the start of last week, and Myross Bush School's principal, Tim Lovelock, is delighted by the programme.

When it comes to good nutrition, you can't look past dairy, It’s an investment in the health of our future generations.

Southland will serve as a testing ground, so that any hitches in the Milk for Schools programme can be worked out. Fonterra Milk for Schools spokesperson Sharon Marr says:

"Southland does work in terms of size," she says. "It just means we can start in a smaller region, get things running smoothly and then we can go with that."

More than 1100 schools nationwide have registered interest in the programme, and organisers will be working hard to make the rollout across the country run as smoothly as possible. They’re determined to make milk accessible to all school kids up to Year 6 – even those in harder to reach places like the Chatham and Great Barrier Islands.

Canterbury schools are the next in line and are expected to receive their first milk delivery early next week. From there, the programme will work its way around the country bringing milk to Kiwi kids, with the goal to complete the nationwide rollout of Fonterra Milk for Schools by 2014.

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14 May 2013

Fonterra Milk for Schools rolls into Southland and Otago Southland Programme Rollout Press Releases Otago

Southland Programme Rollout Press Releases Otago

A small convoy of milk tankers, tractors and buses trundling through the main street of Invercargill heralded the start of the Fonterra Milk for Schools Southland and Otago rollout today.

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19 Mar 2012

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A daily dose of dairy nutrition is now on the timetable for more than 10,000 Northland primary school students, as the Fonterra Milk for Schools pilot programme launches.

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